About Kelli


     Hi! My name is Kelli McCall. My absolute favorite thing about my life is my family. God has blessed me with the most supportive, gracious and loving husband. He also gifted us with two awesome kids. Rylie is 16 years old and Ryan is 13 and they are the smartest and most awesome kids to walk the earth! I am not biased. 


     My second favorite thing about my life is my job!! I love being a Fitness Instructor! It has been exciting to watch my business grow from the basement of our home to our gym on Marco Lane, our second home. Growing out of the basement and into a new space was rewarding but it is the people who make the classes special! Kelli’s Body Shop is a family! 

     As a gym owner and fitness enthusiast I have been given some exciting opportunities to make a positive impact in our community. A few years ago I was chosen to be a Lululemon Ambassador (currently a Legacy Ambassador) and together we have helped many people start new fitness journeys or embrace their current journeys in health that may be anything but optimal. Lululemon and Kelli's Body Shop have collaborated on several events such as fundraisers for breast cancer awareness. Together we have successfully connected like-minded, active, caring, goal driven people! 

      As a former collegiate, 2 sport scholarship athlete I have always been self-motivated, extremely competitive, and good at time management. Over the past several years my job has allowed me the flexibility to set and reach a new goal as an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) professional. It has been another exciting journey of body and self discovery. It has helped shape who I am today and has allowed me to guide others who are interested in achieving similar goals! 

     I love empowering people to reach their fitness and health goals. Transformation not only is achieved by educating people on food and exercise; but also building up their confidence. I believe I’m created to do exactly this! I am here today and successful because God has made it possible.