"Kelli’s body shop is anything but your typical gym. People who train at the facility range from elite body builders, people seeking help getting in better shape, to people with significant health challenges. Ages very from young adults to seniors. One thing that is consistent with all attendees is Kellie’s compassion and enthusiasm to help people reach their goals. The workouts are intense and efficient both in terms of time and results. The atmosphere is very uplifting and you’re guaranteed to meet nice people from all walks of life. If you’re interested in improving your physical well being with a group of like minded people or prefer a private, one-on-one class, I strongly encourage you to try KBB."


"I began training with KBS almost three years ago with two goals; lose weight and get stronger. With Kelli’s input, guidance and motivation, I have achieved my initial goals and many more! I have tone and trimmed my body, decreased fat and increased muscle with regular training classes and by using nutritional advice and meal plans personalized for my lifestyle and goals. Kelli has also provided assistance to me with a recent diagnosis of RA, by further modifying my training to accommodate those physical challenges. I highly recommend and encourage you to give Kelli a try; a decision you won’t regret!"


"When I first met Kelli I was heading in the wrong direction. I was active but I had no discipline with exercise or diet. I was struggling with the activities I enjoyed but just decided it was my age that was causing me to fall short of my goals. Kelli changed my life! She spent time explaining the ways to train. We set goals for exercise and my diet. With her help I was able to lose over 100 pounds and reach all of my goals. We have worked together now for several years and the process is still the same. Set a goal, make the adjustments, put in the work and Win!"


"I have had the extreme fortune to come to know Kelli McCall through bodybuilding shows and we just clicked from the get go. Kelli has always had this certain energy, drive and authentic genuineness about her that just draws you to her. I have been searching for someone to help me meet my goals and her level of excitement, commitment, attention to detail and investment in me is like nothing I have experienced. I highly recommend anyone searching for a coach/trainer/mentor to assist them with their fitness and health goals to reach out to Kelli. Her level of expertise, enthusiasm, commitment and driven desire to see your reach your goals are unsurpassed.  I have achieved more in the short 3 months in working with Kelli than in the past 6 years of searching."


I met Kelli at a community workout she was doing in the area.  When I told her I was facing a surgery she was willing to help me and so empathetic. She is the most genuine and bright ball of energy I know.  

Kelli created a meal plan for me, which required changes throughout my treatment. I recovered from two surgeries while working with Kelli and I felt safe and competent while working out. Each session made me feel stronger, more positive. Kelli used her exceptional skills as a personal trainer to create the ideal workout for me, ensuring that I did not exceed any physical limitations; she presented me with goals that were manageable and did so with care and humor. She provided me with encouragement, counsel and compassion along the way. She adjusts my training to my weekly and daily ability, needs and limits.

I never imagined that I would reach fitness goals with cancer but I have!  The KBS community is so supportive and has changed my life in so many ways.   

 I encourage you to begin your journey with her, you will not regret it!

I started at KBS about three years ago in the group classes.  Shortly thereafter, I felt that I needed to get a little more serious about my fitness and health and started private lessons instead with Kelli twice a week.  I warned Kelli about my “bad back” issues as I have very damaged discs at L4 and L5 and warned her we needed to work around it.  Up until that point, I had been receiving chiropractic treatments weekly for over ten years.  My instructions to her were to make me work hard and let’s strengthen the core.  Amazingly, after a lot of work and time, I have completely transformed my body and my back issues have went to once a month treatments at the chiropractor. With her help, I have also lost 40 pounds and kept it off which overall has improved my fitness and health tremendously.  I HIGHLY recommend her for any fitness needs, either diet or training.






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